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Founded in 2003 by independent producer Charles Thompson MBE, the annual Screen Nation Film & Television (and its related products) is a UK non-profit organisation owned and operated by the Screen Nation Media Group for and on behalf of UK based and global industry film, television media professionals of African Diaspora heritage.

Screen Nation has grown quickly to become Europe’s leading diverse media awards brand, and supports a large number of media professionals, creatives and productions, not just at the annual Awards but all year round through a series of in-house events, external projects and initiatives. Over the past decade and more Screen Nation has helped play an important role in elevating black film & TV talent and culture to mainstream attention in the UK.

Screen Nation identifies, rewards and celebrates excellence at its highly respected annual award ceremony whilst providing inspiration to emerging talent and opportunities for the public to access information through a programme of events througout the year.

All nominations, honorary awards and award structures are created by the Screen Nation Foundation made up of professionals and organisations interested in the advancement of UK based and global industry professionals of African Diaspora heritage and their sector.

The Foundation is led by the Executive Comittee made up of the Executive Director, Event Director and Chief Financial Officer of the Screen Nation Awards. The Executive Comittee is advised by a board made up of leading Screen Nation Foundation members and leading UK film, tv, media, pr, event & marketing professionals

The Mission of Screen Nation is to identify and encourage, celebrate, reward, support, promote and market professionals and talents of African Diaspora heritage and their products, working in the UK and global film, television media industries.

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